NTRIP CasterSz

Managed end user NTRIP Service

What is NTRIP ?

Ntrip is a generic, stateless protocol based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP/1.1 and is enhanced for GNSS data streams. Ntrip was developed by the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) and the Dortmund University Department of Computer Science.  Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol.

In plain english NTRIP is a phone based RTK correction source to increase the accuracy of your receiver, it is the method of transmission of this data.  Compared to fixed bases you have the power of fully utilising the extensive phone networks.  This can be RTCM, CMR, CMR+, CMRx or any other proprietary correction signal, this covers all the major manufacturers.

Why CasterSz?

CasterSz is the name of a service which adds extra power to your already existing base station.  The service will allow you to access your base station correction via any generic NTRIP capable receiver without expensive subscriptions, we will even allow you to add extra users to allow you base to be utilised by anyone within a 30km radius of your base station.

How it works

Unlike most VRS or other NTRIP services, you provide the base, we provide the servers.  This adds extra flexibility to your already existing hardware, it allows you to re-sell and amplify the potential audience for your investment.

We simply add a small box into your existing base and internet connection, the signal is then sent to our services and made available with a username and password to whoever you choose.

How much does it cost?

We charge per base with a limit of 100 users on that single base per year.  The cost of this is usually less than a subscription to any of the nationwide networks.  There is minimal hardware investment on your part simply the cost to bridge your base station to the internet.  To confirm your requirements to ensure we are providing what you need please use the contact form.