Agritech Solutions

Agritech Solutions has provided technical advice and consultancy for all areas of modern precision agriculture since 2002 and continues to do so today.  Precision farming is a constantly evolving subject area, invariably changing with new technology, with new hardware, new concepts and new ideas it is often difficult to maintain a true understanding of the subject area.

Agritech has been providing sound advice ensuring each investment offers the best payback, as well as ensuring all future ventures align and build upon each other not against.


Investment Optimisation

It is very easy to allow an older piece of hardware become under utilised however with the correct knowledge and understanding the equipment may still be a useful.  We would ensure that any past hardware investment is correctly and fully utilised creating a better ROI.

Quantify and Qualify

As precision farming is a long term process which is vulnerable to many changes we will help you quantify the benefit of your current practices, this will help you decide which direction to focus, resulting in better longer term investment decisions.

NTRIP Caster hosting service

Turning your existing RTK base station into a NTRIP / VRS network does not need to be complicated or expensive.  Navigate to our NTRIP CasterSz page to learn how we can utilise your existing investments to create you new revenue streams.

Conferences and training courses